Rana Beri

Rana Beri

Education and Training

ICF (International Coach Federation) Accreditation

Professional Certified Coach accredited by ICF (International Coach
Member of ICF Turkey and ICF Global


2015 PCC, Professional Certified Coach

2012 ACC, Associate Certified Coach


Coaching Schools:

Graduate of two ICF-approved coaching schools:

2011-2012 The Art and Science of Coaching, Erickson College
International (Istanbul, TR)


2010-2011 Gestalt Center for Coaching (Istanbul, TR)


Former Education

1989-1990 Strathclyde University – MPhil in Political Science (Glasgow, UK) 
1985-1989 Boğaziçi University – BA in Translation and Interpreting Studies
(Istanbul, TR)
1983-1984 The Harley Private High School – Exchange Student
(Rochester, New York, USA)
1978-1985 American Collegiate Institute (Izmir, TR)


Coaching Related Education
2017 “Limbic Coaching ( Advanced) by Palo Alto Institute for Systemic
2016  “Limbic Coaching by Palo alto ınstitute for Systemic Coaching
2016  “Advance of the Spirit” by Erickson College International
2015  “Neuroscience, Consciousness and Transformational Coaching by
           Be Above, the Art and Science of Human Transformation


2014 “NLP Business Practitioner” by Anders Pipers, NLP Society
2013 “Voice Dialogue – Relationships” by Robert Stamboliev, Institute for
Transformational Psychology (ITP)
2013 “Voice Dialogue- Basics” by Robert Stamboliev, Institute for
Psychology (ITP)

2013 “Primordial Voices Meditation” by The Chopra Institute
2013 “The Work” Seminare by Byron Katie
2012 “NLP Practitioner” by Erickson College International
2008 “International Quantum Coaching Practitioner” by The Center for
Quantum-Integral Medicine
2007 “Theta Healing Advanced DNA” by Dr. Sangeeta Sahi
2007 “Theta Healing Basic DNA” by Dr. Sangeeta Sahi
2006-2007 “Transformational Breath Level 1,2,3,4” by Dr. Judith
Kravitz, Transformational Breath Federation


Motivational Speaker Experience, Invited Talks and Workshops:

2014 “Looking Into the Future at the End of 20 Years”, A Series of ten
workshops for Enterkon A.Ş. Interpreting Company
2014 “Power of Silence”, Young Guru Leadership Academy
2014“Being Genuine in Life”, Graduation Speech, Boğaziçi University
2014 “Choosing Our Profession in Line With Our Values” Pre Graduation
Speech, the Izmir University of Economics


2013 “How Does One Liberate Oneself by Asking Four Questions – Examples
From Byron Katie” at Insparkus Group
2013 “How Can We Fire Our Creativity? – Creativity Workshop Before the
Hair-İst 2013 Hair Styling Competition” at MKM Cultural Center
2013 “Deep and Simple: Five Questions For Deep and Effective Coaching”
at Erickson Coaches Meeting
2013 “A New Life With a New Perspective” at Naturel Body, Mind and
Spirit Festival Workshop
2012 “Deep and Simple: Five Questions For Deep and Effective Coaching”
at ICF Turkey
2012 “Coaching While Styling” at Turkish Association of Artistic Hairdesigners
2012 “How Do We Benefit From Coaching to Improve Our Relationships”
at BebekAşiyan Lyons Club
Contributing Author
2015 Cosmopolitan Magazine Summer 2015 Issue
2014-present Trendera Digital Magazine

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